Clinical Handbook of Radiation Therapy Side Effects and Interventions

This book has been discontinued as of November 2016, and is no longer available for sale.

The Clinical Handbook of Radiation Therapy Side Effects and Interventions, 3rd edition, 2011, by Martin Chai, MRT(T), provides radiation therapy students with information on common acute side effects and management for patients undergoing radiation therapy. This book covers general principles for discussing side effects and each side effect includes such information as:

  • a general overview/definition
  • etiology/pattern
  • factors, interventions
  • signs and symptoms
  • clinical goals
  • pharmacological interventions
This edition also includes a patient assessment flow chart, chemotherapy agents commonly associated with radiation therapy, and a list of relevant websites. The book is 130 pages, fully referenced, and the perfect size for a lab coat pocket: approx 12.75 x 17cm (5 x 6.75")!

The Lymphatic System

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The Lymphatic System, 2nd edition, 2004, provides radiation therapy students with descriptions, illustrations, and flow charts of all major lymphatic drainage, chains, and nodes within the body. The lymphatics are organized by each major anatomical site. The book is 64 pages, including 10 beautiful full colour plates and 23 flow diagrams. The book measures 22.5 x 28 cm (approx. 9 x 11").

The Lymphatic System was authored by radiation therapists Ruth Barker, Martin Chai, Lisa Di Prospero, Elen Moyo, Marc Potvin, Melanie-Spence Ariemma and reviewed by radiation oncologists Dr. Gabrielle Kane and Dr. Andrew Bayley. Colour illustrations by medical illustrator, Teddy Cameron.

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The Clinical Handbook of Radiation Therapy Side Effects and Interventions and The Lymphatic System are copyright The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences and are required readings for students in the Michener/University of Toronto and Michener/Laurentian University radiation therapy programs. The books are also currently used by other radiation therapy schools across Canada.

Currently available to Canada, but please contact us for international enquiries.

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Martin J. Chai, MRT(T), BSc, MTS
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Instructor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
phone (416) 596-3101 x3201
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